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Climbers Part 11: Can I Feel You? :iconseldomlasts:seldomlasts 0 1
Climbers Part 10: When the Time is Right
It was a mild weekend in December, unseasonably warm. Dena and Bobbi Jo were at a remote climbing spot almost a two hour drive away. It was a technically challenging climb and Bobbi Jo wanted the practice, so she was up first placing their pitons, with Dena climbing behind.
Bobbi Jo was working hard, big strong muscles bulging as she searched the cliff for the next handhold. Dena privately admired Bobbi Jo's full, muscular butt and long muscular legs. No woman should have curves that perfect. Dena tried not to stare too much, which was easy since the climb was challenging even for her. She had to pay close attention to their ascent. Even so, she was confused by the intensity of her physical attraction to Bobbi Jo. No doubt Bobbi Jo was breath-takingly beautiful, but Dena didn't know her own sexuality. Could she be bisexual? She thought about Cheryl's offer and Tanya's legendarily voracious sexual appetite more than she cared to admit, imagining the big girls' muscular athletic beautifu
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Climbers Part 9: I Trust You :iconseldomlasts:seldomlasts 1 2
Mature content
Climbers Part 8: You Made Me Pretty :iconseldomlasts:seldomlasts 0 2
Climbers Part 7: I'm Not Soft
Dena stared unhappily at her reflection in the vanity mirror. She knew she was not pretty, but tonight was the Homecoming dance and she felt particularly ugly. She was supposed to go to Bobbi Jo's house to prepare with some other girls from the basketball team, but she felt shy and terrified. They were all so pretty, especially Bobbi Jo, who was radiantly beautiful.
When Sheldon had asked her to the dance, she froze, taken completely by surprise. Dena watched his face fall in crushing disappointment when he misinterpreted her silence as rejection. He started to backpedal and stammer out an apology, but Dena recovered from her shock and saved him from embarrassing himself too badly. She'd said yes on impulse, partly because she didn't enjoy watching his disappointment and embarrassment, and partly because she wanted to. If she was being brutally honest with herself (which she usually was), she'd also said yes because she was flattered both by his proposition and by his disappointed reac
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Climbers Part 6: Hot Girls Running Around in Short
Climbers Part 6: Hot Girls Running Around in Short Shorts
It was the night before the Homecoming dance. Sheldon pushed his chair back from the role-playing game with a yawn. "Sorry to cut and run, gentlemen," he said. "I want to get some sleep tonight." The clock showed midnight but the Friday night gaming sessions often ran until dawn.
"We already started late because you wanted to go to the stupid Homecoming basketball game," Pete complained. He was a small, slim nerd with an encyclopedic knowledge of fantasy and gaming lore. "Since when do we go to sports games, anyway?"
"Since Sheldon got a date with his amazon crush," DeShawn teased. He was big and jolly, the alpha nerd of their small group. It was his house they played at. "Besides, tell me you didn't like watching a bunch of hot girls running around in short shorts! Especially Bobbi Jo, I could watch her all night!"
"I like Tanya, she's so beautiful," Ning said quietly. He was the fourth member of their gaming group, smal
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Climbers Part 5: It's a Good Pain
"This is going to hurt," Dena warned.
Sheldon looked apprehensive. "Ok," he said.
Dena had taken Sheldon on his first climb on the climbing wall. He was very chubby, looking short and chunky in the harness, but he was determined. He made it half way up the beginner ascent before his muscles gave out. He'd tried three times, and now he stood on trembling legs, sucking down water and shaking his knotted muscles.
"You used muscles you never thought of. Tomorrow you'll feel a little sore. On Thursday your body will feel like it's on fire."
"Gee, thanks."
Dena grinned. "It'll get better though. You'll see. It's a good pain."
Sheldon made a face. "'Good pain,'" he repeated, curling his fingers into air quotes. "You jocks are all the same. I changed my mind, you really are a bully!"
"Jerk!" Dena said, playfully punching Sheldon on the shoulder. He winced. With her huge muscles and big steely fist even a gentle tap was enough to numb his sore arm. "Think you're up for anchoring me?"
Sheldon lo
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Climbers Part 4: You Were Watching Me?
"Hey, Dena, wait up!"
Dena slowed her long-legged walk and let Sheldon catch up. She was silent as he walked beside her.
Sheldon swallowed, his mouth suddenly dry. He was intensely aware of her proximity. It was exciting and intimidating and a little terrifying for him.
"The other day, that came out wrong. Thank you, really, for helping me. I just meant that I'm short and fat and nerdy, and insecure dickheads like Leon and Greg have bullied me all my life. I didn't mean you're a bully, you're not!"
"I know that, Sheldon," Dena said quietly.
"You do?" Sheldon asked, startled.
"Sure. I realized later. Of course you didn't mean to call me a bully. That wouldn't make sense." Dena looked away, embarrassed. "I'm sorry I over-reacted."
"Wow, um, yeah, ok. So you're not mad at me?"
"I'm not mad at you."
They walked together in silence for a while. After a few minutes, Sheldon said enthusiastically, "That was unbelievable! You fought two big dudes with weapons, didn't get hit once, and won with
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Climbers Part 3: A Bigger Bully
"Not so tough now that you don't have your ugly-ass freak-show girlfriend to protect you!"
Dena overheard a familiar voice. It was Leon, the bully she'd defeated a few days ago. She stopped and cocked her head to listen, curious.
"You guys are jerks and losers! AAAGH! Oww!"
That voice definitely belonged to Sheldon, the little nerd they had been bullying.
"Did you hear that, Greg? Jerks AND losers! Then how come we're on the football team, and you're just a weak pathetic fat loser can't get a date, huh?"
"You're third string! Connor would never let you losers bring down the team!"
Connor was the captain of the football team, and unlike Leon and Greg, he was a straight A student and a genuinely nice guy who would never tolerate bullying if he knew about it. He was also supermodel supergirl Bobbi Jo's lucky boyfriend.
"We'll show you third string!" Leon snarled, throwing a punch.
Sheldon yelped in pain but held his own. "You show me third string every time you play!"
Dena smiled to herse
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Climbers Part 2: If You're Human
"On belay?"
"Belay on."
"Climb on."
Dena launched herself up the climbing wall with a confidence and animal grace that was at once beautiful and terrifyingly competent. Her long limbs easily crossed gaps that challenged shorter climbers. She hurtled up to the first outcropping. Without slowing down she grabbed a tiny hold on the underside, swung into the air held up only by her fingertips, her huge bicep bulging and rock hard as she held herself suspended with one flexed arm. She did a quick one-armed pull-up with her fingertips and reached her other impossibly long arm over the lip. She blindly grabbed a hold and used her swinging momentum to hurl herself over the lip and into a crouch on the steep top-side. Without hesitation she continued straight up the most challenging ascent on the wall. She was going so fast her climbing partner was having trouble taking in the rope's slack fast enough to keep up.
She repeated her breath-taking performance on the next overhang and ag
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Climbers Part 1: A Real Amazon
Climbers by Seldom
(C) Copyright 2017 by Seldom. Shared under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license (CC BY-NC-SA:
This is an experimental story written almost entirely on my phone. Feedback welcome!
Climbers Part 1: A Real Amazon
Sheldon hit the ground hard, painfully jolting his forearm. He blinked up at his attacker, trying to focus while reaching for his glasses.
"Looking for these, fatty four eyes?" Leon taunted, holding up the glasses. He was no slim figure himself, but he topped Sheldon's stout 5'6" by a solid 6". He tossed the expensive glasses on the ground and stomped on them. "Oops," he said with a sneer. Greg, his companion in bullying, roared with laughter. Greg was shorter and slimmer than Leon, the beta of their bullying pack.
"Please leave me alone," Sheldon implored. His instincts were all wrong for this situation; he didn't realize his pleading fed their sadistic pleasure and over-inf
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Long legged beauty :iconayanamifan:ayanamifan 102 14


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Dena and Sheldon sat on Dena's couch watching a movie. The stars had aligned: it was a Saturday night, Dena had an early game that Sheldon had come to watch and cheer her on as they won, her father had to work late, and her sister Gina was going to a sleepover. Dena invited Sheldon over for a double feature of romantic comedy and science fiction.

Sheldon was applying early to MIT and other top academic universities. He was in high demand due to his perfect grades and fierce team leadership and individual performance in the national Math Olympiad. He was being considered for the international team.

Dena was in the middle of an unexpected growth spurt. Normally girls stopped growing by fifteen, maybe sixteen; it was late in life and very unusual for an eighteen year old girl to have her last growth spurt. Dena wasn't happy about it; although she liked being big and strong, she didn't like feeling like even more of a freak than she already did. She had gained an inch in height, growing to six feet nine inches tall. It was getting even harder to walk through doors, especially ones with shorter frames.

Where most girls her age were maturing and filling out into womanly curves, Dena was filling out her long ropy muscles with huge muscle mass, her muscular limbs bulging on her slim athletic frame. She'd gained over ten pounds, mostly muscle, putting her slightly over two hundred seventy-five pounds, and she was always hungry. She naturally had extremely, almost punishingly, low bodyfat, and now she was more muscular than ever. The extra muscle mass really popped under her pale blue-veined skin, making her look even more intimidating and dominating on the court.

It was college recruiting season. The school was dominating the state high school ladder, and the entire team was being actively recruited by top athletic colleges; none more so than Dena. Despite whispers that her body couldn't possibly be natural, she'd passed all her drug tests. Freakishly big and strong, she was called, but not to her face. Recruiters openly discussed her chances of going on to the WNBA some day. It was a lot for the naturally reserved superjock, but she was competitive, driven, and determined.

Dena was also outgrowing her clothes again, which took her by surprise. At this rate she'd need a whole new wardrobe. She knew her father couldn't afford to buy her all new outfits, especially with Gina hitting a growth spurt of her own, so she'd taken to shopping for fabric at thrift stores and altering her own clothes. Bobbi Jo was helping out too; she was a good seamstress and had a keen eye for fashion. Bobbi Jo wasn't spending much time with her boyfriend Connor these days; they hadn't quite broken up, but rather entered a strange and strained part of their relationship that Dena didn't understand. Dena was grateful for the help but sad for her best friend's rocky romance.

Dena lay her head down in Sheldon's lap and wriggled into a comfortable position as the movie played. Sheldon was surprised at the affectionate move; Dena was normally shy, if not stand-offish, and they hadn't gone farther than the occasional kiss. He hesitantly moved his hand down and stroked her soft silky black hair. "That's nice," she murmured. He looked at her bare muscular neck, a jagged network of thick blue veins under her pale skin. Her huge body seemed to throb with barely contained, raw muscular power.

He started to get a hard-on. Oh god please no, he thought, embarrassed, but Dena didn't seem to mind. She reached for his hand and swallowed it in her enormous palm. Her grip was like a hot steel clamp around his tiny fist. She's holding my whole hand like I'm a tiny doll, he thought, pulse racing.

Dena's own heart pounded in her ears. She reminded herself of Bobbi Jo's words, and trusted that the beautiful blonde knew a lot more about boys than she did. She was afraid of Sheldon's reaction, but more afraid of not trying anything. She brought his hand down to her chest. She was wearing a plain gray sweatshirt, baggy at the waist and tight across her broad chest and shoulders. She pressed his little hand into her thick muscular chest.

Sheldon instantly tensed and his hand grew rigid in hers. Dena felt a wave of disappointment and rejection threatening to crush her and struggled to breathe. Please no, she thought, please don't let me be wrong, followed quickly by a strong regret she didn't have nice soft breasts.

"Can... can I feel you?" Sheldon asked quietly, hopefully.

For a long moment Dena lay silent and confused as her disappointment turned to hope. "Yes," she finally whispered.

Sheldon awkwardly groped her steel-hard pectoral muscle. As he realized Dena wasn't stopping him, but instead wriggling her giant body to give him better access, he grew bolder. Her chest felt as big and hard as a slab of marble under her sweatshirt. He moved his fingers down and found her big hard nipple, like a thimble poking out of the vast slab of hard chest muscle. He hesitated a moment before squeezing the hard nub.

Dena gasped and writhed urgently. "Yesss..." she hissed.

Encouraged, Sheldon tweaked her nipple, twisting and squeezing it harder and harder. Even with all his strength he couldn't hurt her sensitive nipple, and the harder he twisted the more Dena's immense body responded, arching her back and shoving her chest against his hand. She rubbed her soft black hair against his crotch, encouraging his throbbing erection.

Sheldon couldn't believe he was groping this magnificent, beautiful goddess. He was determined to make her as happy as he could. He was in heaven on the couch working her up to a hot and heavy moaning and would happily play with her nipple for hours if that's what she demanded of him.

Dena reached down and pulled up her sweatshirt, revealing her bare bra-less pale torso. She looked like a muscle anatomy chart, blue veins on pale skin over huge, bulging muscles that rippled in powerful waves. Her deeply defined abs led like a cobblestone road up to her full, thick, heavy pecs, which had a deep line of muscle cleavage between them. Obliques flared in thick ridges around her back and sides. Sheldon paused, gazing down in awe and lust.

"What?" Dena asked, suddenly shy and self-conscious. Had lifting her shirt been a mistake?

"You're..." Sheldon was about to say amazing but changed his mind. "You're so beautiful," he whispered in awe.

It was exactly what Dena needed to hear. She gripped the back of his head, pulled him down, and lunged up to crush her lips against his, kissing him urgently and passionately. Sheldon kissed back with equal ferocity, roaming his hand across her thick muscular chest and squeezing the marble-like slabs as hard as he could. He pulled hard on her big thick nipple and Dena gasped in pleasure. "Harder," she insisted as they gasped for breath between kisses. "Harder. Harder!" He pulled and twisted with all his might but he was no match for her strength or incredible toughness, and Dena's body warmed and shuddered with delicious pleasure. Her other hand plunged down into her pants. "Harder!" she shouted in ecstasy. "Harrrrderrrr ohh god ohhh!" She crushed his lips painfully hard, shoved her tongue deep down his throat, and threatened to crush his skull like an eggshell in her vice-like grip as an orgasm thundered through her body. She squirted hard as she furiously fingered herself, soaking right through her panties and jeans.

"Ow," Sheldon gasped through his haze of pain. His boner throbbed harder than ever.

"Sorry. Sorry," Dena repeated in a happy whisper over and over, hardly knowing what she was saying or doing. "Oh god thank you. Oh god," she was laughing now.

"Did you... come?" Sheldon asked hesitantly, fascinated.

Dena laughed and gasped and nodded vigorously. "Yes. Yes. Oh yes," she giggled. She looked down at the soaking crotch of her jeans. "Oops," she said happily. She looked him deep in his eyes, her own warm brown eyes sparkling with mischief. "Come to my room," she invited, panting with lust.

Sheldon gulped in excitement and nervousness. He nodded, not trusting himself to speak. Standing was awkward with his impediment, but he followed the giant amazon upstairs, watching her hips sway on her long powerfully muscled legs as she walked, her broad athletic shoulders tapering to a slim hard waist. She turned at her doorway and smiled down at him, inviting him inside. At six feet nine inches she towered over him by fifteen inches and outweighed him by a solid one hundred twenty-five pounds of rock-hard muscle. Sheldon took a deep breath and entered her room. She followed him inside and closed the door.
It was a mild weekend in December, unseasonably warm. Dena and Bobbi Jo were at a remote climbing spot almost a two hour drive away. It was a technically challenging climb and Bobbi Jo wanted the practice, so she was up first placing their pitons, with Dena climbing behind.

Bobbi Jo was working hard, big strong muscles bulging as she searched the cliff for the next handhold. Dena privately admired Bobbi Jo's full, muscular butt and long muscular legs. No woman should have curves that perfect. Dena tried not to stare too much, which was easy since the climb was challenging even for her. She had to pay close attention to their ascent. Even so, she was confused by the intensity of her physical attraction to Bobbi Jo. No doubt Bobbi Jo was breath-takingly beautiful, but Dena didn't know her own sexuality. Could she be bisexual? She thought about Cheryl's offer and Tanya's legendarily voracious sexual appetite more than she cared to admit, imagining the big girls' muscular athletic beautiful bodies writhing naked together, and imagining them in her own even bigger and more muscular arms.

Today, however, Dena wasn't focused on her own feelings, nor on her possible attraction to her teammates and opponents. She could sense something was off with Bobbi Jo. Something was bothering her friend.

Bobbi Jo reached too far and her foot slipped. She grabbed hard on her handholds and held her body up, big biceps and deltoids flaring, arms trembling with the effort as she felt for a toehold.

The big blonde had been climbing fast and without her usual careful, measured approach. Dena was alarmed at Bobbi Jo's recklessness. "Be careful," she called up.

"Why? You'll catch me. You can lift a two hundred pound man in one arm, I think you can handle me. You're fucking supergirl," Bobbi Jo spat bitterly.

Dena didn't reply. She was hurt by Bobbi Jo's unexpected viciousness. She was also startled and hurt that word had spread about what she'd done to Leon and Greg. She hadn't thought Sheldon would blab about she'd done, but she hadn't told him to keep it secret. Still, she was upset and disappointed.

They finished the rest of the brutal ascent with minimal chatter and rested at the top, breathing hard from the difficult climb. A cold wind started to blow. Bobbi Jo defiantly refused to cross her arms, letting the wind chill her skin into goosebumps.

"What's wrong?" Dena finally asked after a few minutes of silence.

Bobbi Jo turned away. "Sheldon didn't tell anyone. I knew that would bother you, which is why I said it. I'm sorry."

Dena closed her eyes and let out a sigh of relief. The thought that Sheldon was spreading that story around the school had bothered her more than she'd admitted to herself during the rest of the climb up. She wasn't sure why, but she would have felt betrayed by him bringing all that unwanted attention to her. "Thank you," she said quietly.

Bobbi Jo chewed her full lip and explained, "Leon and Greg are having some sort of fight, I've heard. Anyway, Greg is really pissed off, so he's been going around talking about how you made Leon piss his pants." She turned back to Dena with a small guilty smile. "Sheldon wouldn't do anything to embarrass you. He's loyal to a fault. He always has been. You know that, right? He loves you, Dena. It's obvious. Jesus, he fucking worships you." She said the last part with a bitter laugh.

Dena was surpised that Bobbi Jo and Sheldon knew each other, and marveled that Sheldon had the respect of someone like Bobbi Jo. He was full of surprises. But she could think about that later. Right now, she watched her beautiful friend suffer and her heart broke for her. It wasn't like Bobbi Jo to curse. She didn't consider it proper or ladylike, and didn't think it set a good example. She took her job as an athlete and role model very seriously. "What's wrong, Bobbi Jo?" she asked again.

Bobbi Jo looked away. "Connor's been cheating on me," she whispered. Then she looked back at Dena to see her reaction.

"What?" Dena was startled. This was the last thing she expected to hear. How could Connor dare to cheat on Bobbi Jo? And why? Dena had never met a more beautiful, warm, yet intimidating woman than Bobbi Jo. She couldn't imagine Connor, or anyone else, wanting to cheat on her. "Who is she?"

"It's not a she." Bobbi Jo laughed bitterly again and wiped her wet eyes. "I don't know if that makes it better or worse. Funny thing, he's one of Sheldon's friends. Pete, that mouthy little nerd. He's been sucking Connor off after practice." She took a deep, shuddering breath. "I'm such an idiot. Everyone will know my boyfriend is gay. I'll be a laughingstock!"

Dena was quiet a moment. "Are you more upset he cheated on you or that he humiliated you?" she asked.

That brought Bobbi Jo up short. She gave a small, surprised laugh and wiped her eyes. "You're pretty sharp," she said, eyeing Dena with new respect. "I think... Both. I love him. But I also love the idea of him. I loved being crowned at Homecoming with him. I thought I was going to be prom queen." She barked out a laugh at herself. "Oh god, I'm so shallow!"

"You're not," Dena said. She wasn't usually one to discuss her feelings, and nobody ever accused her of being chatty. But her friend was hurting, so she took her cue from Sheldon's straightforward and brave honesty and blurted out, "You're kind and brilliant and the most beautiful woman I've ever met. You're my best friend, Bobbi Jo. I've never had a best friend before, but it's funny, I feel like I've known you for years. Like you just fit, you know? I love you."

Dena's pale cheeks immediately turned bright in embarrassment. She couldn't believe she'd just said that out loud.

Bobbi Jo stared at Dena in surprise. A smile slowly spread across her tear-streaked face. "Thank you," she said. "I needed to hear that. I love you too, Dena." She looked out over the beautiful forest below, the wind whipping her thick mane of long blonde hair. She looked like a Valkyrie on the cliff top.

After a few minutes of companionable silence she finally turned back to Dena. "Let's talk about something else. How's it going with your boyfriend?"

"I don't know if Sheldon is my boyfriend," Dena said, surprised but willing to change the subject.

"What do you mean?"

"He never said I'm his girlfriend. He hasn't asked me."

"But you hang out, right?"

Dena nodded. Sheldon was friendly at school, and had asked her to the movies a few times, and dinner once. She had said yes when she could, which wasn't often. They went climbing on occasion, and Sheldon was getting much better. He could scale the beginner ascent and was more confident bouldering. He was eating better and climbing on his own, and his body was slowly changing from sedentary chub to a more muscular stockiness.

They were both busy, Dena especially so with multiple varsity teams, college applications, college recruiters, and a full course load of honors and advanced placement classes. They had very separate lives and she wondered what their status was, wondered if they were even a couple. She didn't have experience in these things and was grateful to talk to Bobbi Jo about it.

Dena told most of this to Bobbi Jo. "I don't know what we are," she finished.

"Did you two do it?" Bobbi Jo asked bluntly.

"We..." Dena blushed. "We haven't, you know."

"What? Not ever?"

Dena shook her head. "He's never tried to... um... you know."

Bobbi Jo shook her head and laughed in disbelief. "Oral? Second base?" Dena shook her head again. "Anything?" Dena shrugged. Bobbi Jo made a disbelieving face. "What do you do together, then?" Without waiting for Dena to answer, she continued quietly, "Do you want to do more with him?"

Dena's blush deepened. "Yes," she admitted.

"Have you asked him to?"

Dena stared at the ground and fidgeted uncomfortably. "No," she mumbled.

"Why the heck not?"

"I'm afraid he won't want to. He hasn't tried anything yet. Maybe..." Dena hesitated before voicing her worst fear. "I'm afraid it's because I'm not pretty," she whispered.

"That's ridiculous," Bobbi Jo said immediately, then regretted it when she saw the misery on Dena's face. Her tone softened. "Dena, one, you are beautiful, you're going to figure that out some day, and two, seriously, that little nerd worships you."

"Then why won't he touch me?" Dena pleaded.

Bobbi Jo gazed fondly at her huge friend. "Here, hold up your hand." Dena did, looking puzzled. Bobbi Jo held her fingers up. She had big, strong, long-fingered hands, but they looked like a child's hands next to Dena's. "Look how much bigger than me you are. And you may have noticed that I'm not a small lady! I'm even bigger than Sheldon in comparison. So you're like twice his size, easy. And look at you, you're unbelievably strong, you look like you could rip a man's arms off if he tried anything!"

"I wouldn't!" Dena protested indignantly.

Bobbi Jo grinned wickedly. "I know. But you could!"

Dena considered this in her thoughtful, methodical way. "He's afraid of me?" she finally asked in a hushed, miserable voice. "I would never hurt him!"

"I know. I'm sorry, I said it badly," Bobbi Jo said apologetically. "I'm sure he's not afraid of you, exactly, more like respectful. I've known Sheldon almost our whole lives. He's always been a nerd, you know, and he's never had a girlfriend before. I know he wants you to be his girlfriend. It's obivious. So maybe he's nervous. Maybe he thinks when the time is right you'll tell him. So tell him already."

"You really think so?"

Bobbi Jo squeezed Dena's huge steel-hard hands. "Yeah, dummy, I do." She looked up and up at Dena's troubled face. The huge amazon bit her lip in nervous thought.

"You really are beautiful, you know," Bobbi Jo whispered. She reached up and hugged Dena as hard as she could. She wasn't used to feeling so small with another woman, but it felt right with Dena somehow. She closed her eyes and rested her cheek on Dena's powerful, muscular chest. "I'm glad you're my friend. You're a good person, Dena."

Dena's eyes widened in surprised as she looked down at Bobbi Jo. She wrapped her powerful arms around the beautiful, curvy blonde amazon. "Thank you," she whispered, taking comfort from Bobbi Jo's embrace. Even in the midst of her own pain, Bobbi Jo was kind and generous. Melancholy tears welled up in Dena's eyes. She was proud and happy to have Bobbi Jo as a friend, but her heart broke for what her friend was going through. "I'll always be your friend, Bobbi Jo," she whispered fiercely, clutching her close.

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"Wow," Dena breathed, looking at Sheldon in his suit. He'd cut his hair and combed it straight. His suit was a stylish dark grey over a white dress shirt and wide red striped tie.

Sheldon grinned self-consciously. He'd never expected to have this effect on an amazonian goddess like Dena. "Wow yourself," he said. "You're so beautiful!"

Dena blushed at the compliment. She wished she had more in the way of breasts, but she was competitive by nature and proud of her strong muscular body. Tonight she did feel pretty in her black strapless shape-hugging dress and Bobbi Jo's expert makeup. "Thank you," she said, smiling shyly. "You don't mind the heels?" She gestured at her feet and the three inch heels that boosted her already extreme height, so that she towered almost a full foot and a half over him. Her big muscular calves bulged and flexed as she turned her ankle to show off the heels. Thick veins snaked over her thin pale skin and powerful hard muscles.

Sheldon shook his head. "They're great. They look really good on you."

Dena and Sheldon rode to the dance in the back of Connor's Range Rover. Bobbi Jo rode shotgun and playfully slapped away her boyfriend's occasional attempts to fondle her big muscular thighs or huge boobs. The Homecoming football game last night had gone very well and Connor was in a good mood, happy that Bobbi Jo had come to watch their victory at the end of the game after her basketball win. He was sorry he missed watching her play, but such was the life of a varsity power couple: Connor was the quarterback of the football team and Bobbi Jo was the captain of the basketball team, and both roles were very demanding on their time.

At the dance Dena watched as Sheldon kept up a friendly chatter with everybody. The little nerd was gregarious and easily slipped between conversations in academics and pop culture and even sports, though for the latter she noticed he mostly kept the other parties talking. Dena was more reserved, naturally shy and slightly introverted, more comfortable powering her way through an opponent or up a cliff than in a prolonged conversation. She happily stayed on Sheldon's arm and let him do most of the talking, even feeling a bit like eye candy as she noticed people shooting them (well, the admiration was mostly for Dena, really) admiring glances. It was a new feeling for her, and not entirely unpleasant.

They moved to the dance floor with the group of jocks. Dena had no formal dance training, but she was naturally athletic and highly coordinated, with a keen eye for physical movement. She quickly caught on to the graceful rhythms from Bobbi Jo and Tanya. She was supremely confident and powerfully physical in her tall muscular body, and she moved to the beat with the other girls in flowing, sexy gyrations.

Sheldon felt like he was in a land of giants, thrilled and excited but also nervous and scared of looking dumb. Sheldon dealt with fear by plunging in head-first, so he danced with more enthusiasm than skill. Bobbi Jo, Tanya, and Dena all took turns with him, delighted by his willingness to get out there and dance. Dena felt a flare of jealousy when Tanya looked at her and deliberately shoved Sheldon's face deep into her huge breasts, but her jealousy faded into amusement at Tanya's friendly, playful wink and Sheldon's embarrassed flailing.

Eventually Sheldon had to take a break, breathless and dehydrated. Dena moved to sit with him and Ning until Bobbi Jo stopped her with a hand on her arm. "Need to go to the bathroom?" Bobbi Jo asked.

In the bathroom Dena consented to Bobbi Jo freshening her makeup. She had worked up a good sweat on the dance floor. "How's it going?" Bobbi Jo asked.

"Good, I think? I'm not sure. This is my first date," Dena replied.

Bobbi Jo grinned. "I'd say it's going well then. You two look great."

Dena blushed. "Thank you. You and Connor are a beautiful couple. I think you'll be Homecoming king and queen."

"I know, right?!"

"Hey, is Tanya..." Dena struggled to find words. Finally she said, "Cheryl from the game asked me out last night."

"I bet she did!" Bobbi Jo said with a grin. "Yeah, she and Tanya have history, but Tanya is totally omnivorous if you know what I mean." When Dena looked confused, Bobbi Jo laughed and said, "Tanya is a huge bisexual slut!" Dena laughed uncomfortably. "That's how she describes herself, by the way," Bobbi Jo continued. "Why, are you interested in Cheryl?"

"No. Maybe. I don't know. I like Sheldon, I want to see what happens. I've never... you know." Bobbi Jo nodded sympathetically. "Do you think Tanya would dance with Sheldon's friend Ning? I told Sheldon I would ask."

"I don't know," Bobbi Jo said frankly. "But Ning should ask her. Tanya likes to be wanted, and she likes flattery."

Dena laughed. "Thanks!"

Dena headed back into the dance room and sat next to Sheldon, who was deep in a nerd argument with Ning. She hesitantly took Sheldon's hand. He squeezed her big, strong hand and smiled happily at her. She smiled back and turned to Ning. "Ask Tanya to dance," she said.

Ning gulped and looked at his shoes, fidgeting nervously. "Hey," Sheldon said to him. "Ask her!" Ning nodded quickly.

The music stopped and the lights came on. One of the students who did morning announcements took the stage to announce the results for Homecoming royalty. Bobbi Jo and Connor were crowned to much applause and nobody's surprise. They looked very tall and athletic next to the average stature of the announcer. The couple were confident and happy and radiantly beautiful on stage, where they naturally belonged.

Dena watched Bobbi Jo get crowned Homecoming queen and felt proud for her beautiful new friend. After the crowning Dena's body thrummed with nervous tension. She didn't like sitting and was starting to feel claustrophobic in the hot, noisy, crowded gymnasium. "Hey, I'm gonna go outside for a bit," she told Sheldon.

He looked sad but quickly covered it with a smile. "Oh, okay," he said.

"You can come with me," she said quietly.

"Okay!" he readily agreed. "We'll be back, Ning!"

The little Asian nerd bobbed his head quickly, already lost in his cell phone. "Okay, bye," he said.

Once outside, Dena eyed the gymnasium critically. The school was a solid New England compound of brick and stone buildings. There, she decided, spotting a route. She strode forward while Sheldon puffed next to her, struggling to keep up with her long-legged stride. "Come up to the roof with me?" she requested.

Sheldon eyed the building skeptically. He was still sore from the other day, and had just added the unfamiliar physical exertion of dancing on top of that. "Okay," he agreed reluctantly, scared to try but unwilling to let Dena down.

"Free climbing can be dangerous, especially at night, but I think there's enough light here," Dena lectured, more comfortable in her element. "Since I'm the stronger climber, I'll go first to map our ascent, and you follow where I go. Your reach is shorter than mine so I'll look for finger and toe holds for you."

Sheldon looked up and up at Dena's towering height and her extraordinarily long and muscular arms and legs. "Okay," he said with a grin, swallowing his fear. "I trust you."

Dena felt a warm rush of affection towards the little nerd but didn't know how to express it, so she clamped down her feelings and approached the building wall. She kicked off her heels, preparing to ascend barefoot. She eyed the wall professionally, then started up. She picked her way up slowly, careful to keep her reach down to levels Sheldon could manage. He grunted and strained as he pulled his fat little body up after her but didn't complain. They got above the extended height of the first floor and then the second. One more floor to go, Sheldon puffing hard now, his sore muscles trembling.

Dena stopped near the top. "There's no hold you can reach," she announced. Sheldon groaned, anticipating a long hard climb down. "I have an idea. Climb up next to me."

Sheldon awkwardly maneuvered his pudgy body over to Dena's muscular amazonian frame. She leaped past him, reached up high and gripped the roof ledge, much higher than Sheldon could reach. She reached her long right arm down until both her arms were completely stretched. She held out her hand. "I can pull you up," she said. "I won't drop you."

Sheldon's heart raced with excitement added to his fear as he looked at her muscle-bulging forearm, extra pale in the wan school lighting. She really is supergirl, he thought, trusting her completely. He reached up and gripped her big strong hand, then let go and wrapped his other hand around hers, clinging tight to her powerful fingers. She wrapped his hands in a tight, unbreakable grip and flexed her muscular, powerful arm, hauling his weight up as if he were a knapsack instead of a chubby nerd. She flexed her left arm and smoothly did a one-armed pull-up with both their weight. She was trembling with effort now, but lifted Sheldon with her right arm until he could grab the roof ledge.

Sheldon and Dena hauled themselves onto the roof, Sheldon gasping and laughing, Dena breathing hard and grinning, shaking out her long ropy muscles. She enjoyed the exertion and the challenge.

"Oh my god, that was incredible," Sheldon gasped. "You're so strong! You're amazing!"

Dena was pleased, though she felt a little guilty for showing off like that. She was glad Sheldon appreciated it and didn't think she was some sort of freak.

A haze of marijuana smoke drifted past them. The bullies Leon and Greg were smoking up on the roof. "Oh look it's the freaks and the geeks," Leon called out with a sneer. "Come on Greg, let's get out of here before they narc on us."

"You should run away, cowards!" Sheldon yelled after them, incensed.

Leon turned back. "Who you calling coward? You're lucky you have that big ugly dyke protecting you. She probably mistook your tiny penis for a pussy, you pussy."

"At least I'm not a remedial, third-string, loser wannabe with no future!" Sheldon yelled.

This hit home and Leon bristled. "Why you little punk," he growled menacingly, taking a step toward them.

Dena automatically stepped forward. "Um Leon, let's go," Greg said nervously, eyeing Dena's intimidating height and huge bulging muscles. She looks hot in that slinky dress, he thought to himself, but he would never admit it. He also remembered their last encounter, and felt more fear than Leon.

Leon was still angry but remembered how easily she made him piss his pants. He was a bully but not completely stupid. "Whatever. Freaks," he said, shaking his head in disgust. He and Greg disappeared down through the roof access.

Dena and Sheldon found a spot to sit that looked out over the sparkling lights of the city. Dena sat quietly with Sheldon, lost in her own thoughts, replaying the encounter in her head. "Don't listen to those losers," Sheldon said in disgust, interrupting her self-reflection.

"You shouldn't provoke them," Dena said softly.

"I know. But I couldn't just let them insult you like that!"

Dena smiled tightly. "I've been called worse," she said in barely a whisper. "I don't care what they say," she continued, lying a little. "They're right, though. I really am a freak. I know that."

Sheldon reached over and took her huge, powerful hand in his small soft pudgy fingers. "No you're not, Dena. You're beautiful," he said fervently. He squeezed her fist as tight as he could. It felt like squeezing a boulder.

"You really think so?" Dena asked in a small, quiet, insecure voice.

"Of course I do," he said. "I can't believe you agreed to come to the dance with me. I got a date with you! I'm so lucky! I never in a thousand years thought you'd say yes."

Dena was silent for a moment, thinking that over. "Then why did you ask?"

"You know those movies where the guy wants to ask the girl on a date and never does, just keeps pining for her until it's creepy? I didn't want to be that guy."

Dena smiled. "You're not. You really wanted to ask me out that much? And you thought I'd say no? I don't know if I would have done that. I think that's pretty brave."

"Thanks. So, why did you say yes?"

She shrugged. "You asked." She knew that was inadequate, but it was hard for her to admit the real reason. So she took her cue from Sheldon's brave, straightforward approach and said it anyway. "And... I like you."

Holy cow, Sheldon thought, unable to believe this was happening. Just do it! he told himself, his heart hammering with nerves and fear. "Dena," Sheldon squeezed her hand and hesitated, then plunged ahead, "can I kiss you?"

Dena looked down at Sheldon's big eyes behind his thick glasses and saw hopeful, scared expression. Her own dark eyes glistened in the dim city light. "Yes," she whispered.

She lowered her mouth to his and he turned his face up to greet her. Slowly and awkwardly their lips pressed together, neither quite certain what they were doing. Gradually they did what came naturally. They closed their eyes and let their lips find a rhythm. The extended kiss grew deeper and hungrier as their dry mouths grew wetter.

Sheldon reached around Dena's broad, hard shoulders and clutched her hard, flexing deltoid muscles as she clutched him back. He hesitantly thrust his tongue against her lips. Surprised, Dena parted her lips to accept his tongue, wrestling back with her own. Thus emboldened, Sheldon thrust with more enthusiasm, kissing Dena with gusto, clutching her immensely powerful body as hard as he could, as pleasure and warmth and hormones surged through him.

Dena tightened her embrace, pulling Sheldon's small soft pudgy body into her hard-muscled chest. The chill of the night air through her strapless dress tented her big nipples into hard thimbles that dug painfully deep into his chest. Her biceps crushed into him like steel bands, coiling tighter and tighter until he struggled to breathe, but he was unwilling to break off his first kiss for such a petty reason as having the breath crushed out of him.

Finally Dena opened her eyes and released Sheldon, who drew in a deep shuddering breath and winced at the bruising pain her crushing embrace had dug into his sore muscles.

"I'm sorry!" Dena said quickly in alarm, afraid that she'd unintentionally damaged him.

"Don't be!" Sheldon reassured her quickly. "That was my first kiss!"

"Mine too," Dena admitted.

"It was better than I ever dreamed," Sheldon said, gazing deep into Dena's eyes.

Dena smiled shyly. "Yeah. For me too."

After sitting silently for a while, basking in each other's company, warm and happy despite the chill fall air, Sheldon said, "I'd like the last slow dance with you. I've never done that."

"Okay. Me neither. I'd like it, too."

Dena and Sheldon got up and went to the edge they'd climbed over. They looked down the building. "Up seemed easier," Sheldon said doubtfully.

"I can carry you on my back," Dena offered hesitantly. "If you don't mind. You don't have to."

"I'd love to!" When Dena cocked her head at him with a curious look, he said, "You know I like how strong you are, right?" Sheldon immediately looked chagrined. "I hope that didn't come off as creepy or anything," he mumbled.

"No, I already knew that," Dena reassured him. "I've been showing off a little for you, actually." Sheldon's eyes widened in surprise. Dena's lips quirked in a small smile. "I know you like it, but it's still hard for me to believe. I don't think... Guys don't usually like women who are stronger than them."

"Dena, you're stronger than everybody!" Sheldon blurted. "And I love that about you!"

"Oh," Dena said softly, taken aback by his enthusiasm. She was a little uncomfortable and even embarrassed. The emotional damage from years of feeling like a freak needed more than one evening to reverse. She needed time to sort out her feelings.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that," Sheldon said, picking up on her inner turmoil. He looked down in embarrassed shame.

He looked up when Dena wrapped her big hand around his shoulder and gave a gentle squeeze. Gentle for her was still strong enough to painfully crush his shoulder.

"It's okay." Dena wanted to say she was glad he'd told her, but she couldn't form the right words to express her feelings. Instead, she said, "Climb on, then."

Sheldon clambered on to Dena's muscular back. He wrapped his chubby arms around her strong neck. It felt like hugging a tree trunk. He wrapped his legs around her trim hard waist. "I'm sorry," he whispered.

Dena's eyes widened. "Is that what I think it is?" she asked.

"Yes. Do you want me to get off? Err... I mean get down?"

"No. I'm flattered, I think," Dena said, surprisingly pleased at the effect she had on Sheldon.

She climbed down with no difficulty, her hard bulging muscles working smoothly as she descended. She felt Sheldon digging into her back the whole way down. He was excited by her strength. She didn't know how she felt about that.

He hopped down off her back once they were on the ground. Dena found her heels and slipped them back on, towering over Sheldon even more than normal with the added boost. They headed inside for the last few minutes of the Homecoming dance.

"We were looking for you!" Bobbi Jo said, running over to embrace Dena in a powerful hug between their two muscular amazonian bodies. Her huge soft breasts crushed into Dena's rock-solid chest.

"I wanted some air," Dena said apologetically. "Congratulations, you and Connor look amazing and totally deserve to be King and Queen."

Bobbi Jo giggled. "Thank you!" She leaned in and whispered in Dena's ear, "He kissed you didn't he?"

Dena nodded. Bobbi Jo squeezed her again and gathered the team and their boyfriends, girlfriends, or dance partners together for the final dance.

Ning had obviously worked up the courage to ask Tanya to dance. Tanya pulled Ning into her powerful embrace for the last dance. Heels boosted her already towering height, so she was just shy of a foot and a half taller than the tiny slim nerd. With her height and powerful, muscular athlete's body she looked like a dark amazonian goddess devouring her tiny prey as she pulled his small head into her huge breasts. His thick glasses disappeared into her warm, soft brown cleavage.

Dena watched Sheldon watching the other pair and wished she had breasts like Tanya so she could do that; she wondered if Sheldon liked when Tanya did that to him earlier. She sighed and embraced him in her long muscular arms; in her heels she was herself almost a full foot and a half taller than Sheldon's five and a half foot height. She didn't know if he wanted to be pulled to her chest or not, so she was surprised when he pulled her close. "Do you mind if I rest my cheek on your chest?" he asked shyly. Dena crushed his face to her big hard muscle-bulging chest and hugged him so tight she lifted him off the ground. She was so strong she hardly noticed his weight as he dangled in her arms, and he didn't complain as his cheek rested half on her strapless dress and half directly against her thick, dense, hard pectoral muscle. He felt and heard her heart thrumming powerfully in her deeply muscled chest.

She let him back down to the floor and swayed with him through the last dance of the night, a saccharine-sweet slow pop number just old enough to be a "classic" to the young students.

"Can I kiss you again?" he asked when the song was almost over.

"Yes," she whispered.

And they did.

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Watching Bobbi Jo in her underwear, Dena was reminded that the amazonian blonde dressed to minimize her chest. The huge bra cups were struggling to contain her enormous breasts. Dena had seen Bobbi Jo topless in the locker room and knew they were not only gigantic but impossibly perky, as if gravity dared not touch them. The statuesque blonde carried her tall frame and big bulging muscles with feminine grace and beauty. She looked like she stepped from the pages of a superheroine comic book. Dena felt a brief flash of jealousy, but it was impossible not to like Bobbi Jo despite her perfect everything.

Bobbi Jo's house was huge and magazine catalog beautiful. She came from money Dena's family could only dream of. She'd invited the basketball team to get ready with her. Twelve tall athletic girls crowded into her spacious bedroom. Dena couldn't help but notice that even the flattest of them still at least had breasts. Dena and the buxom Tanya were the only girls taller than Bobbi Jo, and Dena was the only one more muscular.

"Come zip me up," Bobbi Jo asked Dena, her arms pulled back to struggle with the zipper, arching her back and thrusting her enormous chest in the air. Dena zipped her up easily, the tight dress and tiny zipper no match for her raw strength. Bobbi Jo's huge breasts were compressed into a deep line of cleavage, so tight in the dress they quivered and looked ready to leap up and knock her in the chin. "Now let me do you," Bobbi Jo insisted.

Dena reluctantly unsnapped her bra. It was purely cosmetic with no fatty breast tissue to support. Her bare chest rippled with hard striated pectoral muscle. Her large nipples puffed out at the touch of the colder air currents in the room. She pulled her black dress up over her long pale muscular legs. It looked black as midnight against her milky pale skin and nicely complemented her short jet-black hair. It was positively slinky on her tall slim muscle-bulging figure, hugging and accentuating the curve of her small waist and the flat, taut brick work of her rock solid abs. Bobbi Jo zipped her up and the strapless dress clung to her like a second skin, subtly pushing in her chest muscles to enhance the line of her muscle cleavage and give the illusion of breasts.

"Nice," Bobbi Jo said appreciatively, stepping back to take a look. "Good choice on you. You definitely have the figure to pull this off."

Dena blushed. "You think so?" she mumbled.

"Definitely. Here, let's get you dolled up."

Dena let herself be pushed into the chair in front of the vanity. Tanya and Bobbi Jo smiled down at her, both so dazzlingly beautiful that Dena was more self-conscious than ever. She stared miserably at her long horsey face in the mirror, her frown pulling down her too-wide mouth.

"That won't do!" Bobbi Jo exclaimed. "Dena, your smile is so pretty, give us that smile won't you?"

Dena was sure Bobbi Jo was full of it but gamely pasted on a smile while the two girls fussed over her face with makeup. Bobbi Jo and Tanya were both skilled and subtle, not overdoing it, putting on a foundation that flattered Dena's pale skin, then adding a few touches to highlight her cheekbones, some lipstick and eye shadow. They artfully fluffed and arranged her short black hair. When they pulled away Dena gazed in awe at her reflection. She still looked like herself, but a different version of her. Her mouth looked full and a little pouty instead of horsey, her lips fuller. Her dark brown eyes looked bigger and more dramatic against her pale skin. Her long face transformed from equine to elegant. Her coal-black hair framed and rounded her face, softening the harsher edges.

Tanya and Bobbi Jo looked at her proudly. "Do you like it?" Bobbi Jo asked.

"I look... pretty," Dena whispered in surprise. "You made me pretty!"

Tanya giggled. Bobbi Jo grinned. "You ARE pretty, Dena! We just added an accent to what was already there!"

Dena was skeptical but grateful. "Thank you," she said fervently.

"Now for the finishing touches?" Bobbi Jo held up a large pair of high-heeled black pumps.

"Those aren't mine," Dena said.

"They are now. It's a present!"

Dena took the shoes and looked dolefully at the high heels. "You think I should wear heels tonight? Sheldon..."

"I know, he's tiny," Bobbi Jo said with a giggle. "Honestly, you're the tallest person in the school, you can't exactly hide your height! You already tower over everyone else, so why not heels? They'll flatter you, I promise. You've got such beautiful calves and ankles, why not show them off a little? Trust me. I don't think Sheldon will mind at all."

Dena's doubtful expression turned thoughtful. "Thank you," she said again. "You're so nice."

Dena stepped into the shoes. They fit perfectly of course. She stood and practiced. Being three inches taller was different, but not bad, she admitted. The other girls looked at her in awe, happy for her, giving her smiles and thumbs up. She'd never felt so accepted before. Right there she fell in love with her new teammates.

She glanced down at her calves, which felt tight from the enforced flexing and balancing she had to do. The huge steely muscles popped out of her legs even more than usual, like shiny pale diamonds.

"What do you think?" she asked, running her big hands down her slinky tight strapless black dress, displaying her evening look.

"I think Sheldon is one lucky guy," Bobbi Jo said enthusiastically. The other girls nodded, then turned back to their own preparations.
Dena stared unhappily at her reflection in the vanity mirror. She knew she was not pretty, but tonight was the Homecoming dance and she felt particularly ugly. She was supposed to go to Bobbi Jo's house to prepare with some other girls from the basketball team, but she felt shy and terrified. They were all so pretty, especially Bobbi Jo, who was radiantly beautiful.

When Sheldon had asked her to the dance, she froze, taken completely by surprise. Dena watched his face fall in crushing disappointment when he misinterpreted her silence as rejection. He started to backpedal and stammer out an apology, but Dena recovered from her shock and saved him from embarrassing himself too badly. She'd said yes on impulse, partly because she didn't enjoy watching his disappointment and embarrassment, and partly because she wanted to. If she was being brutally honest with herself (which she usually was), she'd also said yes because she was flattered both by his proposition and by his disappointed reaction when he thought she was saying no. She was curious, and nobody had ever asked her on a date before. Besides, she thought there was something charming and even cute about Sheldon. She liked how he'd stood up to his bullies even when he had no chance, and she'd had a lot of fun teaching him how to climb.

Yesterday he had come up to her after school before the homecoming game. "You sadist," he'd said with a groan. "You didn't tell me day 3 was even worse than day 2." He was still recovering from their climbing session.

"I guess you're really out of shape," Dena said, then immediately regretted it. But Sheldon didn't seem to take offense. He smiled and shrugged.

"Guess so," he'd said lightly. "But you'll fix that, right?"

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean it," Dena tried to explain.

Sheldon laughed. "No, you're right, I am out of shape! Too much gaming and snacks, not enough exercise!"

Dena smiled shyly. "Do you want to try climbing again?"

"Heck yeah!" he said enthusiastically.

Then he came to her Homecoming game and cheered her on. She'd felt unstoppable after their win, Sheldon's cheering, and Cheryl's surprising (though not entirely unwelcome) proposition.

Now in her room she was filled with insecurity and doubt. There was a knock on her door. "Can I come in?" her father asked.

Mr. Shepherd was a big man at six feet six inches. But even he felt small next to his giant amazon daughter. Dena was a mutant, not in the X-Men sense (though her size and strength bordered on superhuman), but she was unusual in being taller than either of her parents, and she was genetically pre-disposed to extreme muscularity. Her father looked at Dena sitting in front of the mirror and at the expensive black dress lying on the bed. It had to be custom tailored for her unique size and slim yet muscular, broad-shouldered, V-tapered physique.

"What's wrong, baby girl?" he asked gently.

Dena shrugged. "I don't know," she lied.

"Are you homesick? I'm sorry we had to move here and uproot you for your senior year."

"I'm not," Dena said fiercely, surprising her father. "I like it here. Everything about Pittsburgh just reminded me of Mom." Her eyes glistened and her voice caught in a choke. "It's just... Jefferson High was all I knew. This new school is... confusing."

"How do you mean?"

Dena wiped her eyes and managed a smile for her dad. "Jefferson was like a cliche. Jocks and nerds and stoners didn't talk to each other. Here, I don't know, it's just like everyone is more of a real person. There are bullies too, but also nerds can be popular. Jocks can be smart."

"You're smart," her father said proudly. He had dropped out of high school to help earn money for his family, and he dreamed of more for his daughters. Dena worked hard at school and got straight A's in advanced placement classes.

Dena smiled. "I think I can fit in here. Even the other girls on the varsity teams seem to like me. And I... I miss Mom less, somehow. Is that bad?"

"No, it's not bad," her father whispered.

"Besides," Dena continued, "nobody ever asked me out before. Somebody told me once all the boys thought I was a lesbian, but I don't know if that's it. I think I'm just not pretty. No guy wants to date a freak." She said this flatly, as if it were self-evidently true.

Her father was secretly relieved when Dena told him about Sheldon asking her to the dance. He had wondered if she was a lesbian, too. "Oh, baby girl," he said fondly. He brushed her coal-black hair affectionately. "You're beautiful, just like your mother."

Dena looked skeptical. "Gina's the pretty one, Dad, I know that," referring to her younger sister Regina, already an athletic six feet tall and blossoming into a stunningly beautiful, willowy young woman. "Everyone says so. It's not fair, she's only 13 and already has boobs. I wish I had boobs." She stared critically at her muscular chest.

"If you had big boobs you couldn't wear this beautiful strapless dress," her father pointed out. "Besides, you have some cleavage," he said, nodding at the line between her full hard pectorals reflected in the vanity mirror.

Dena snorted. "That's just muscle, Daddy. Don't be silly. Boobs are supposed to be soft." She punched herself in the chest, hard, making a loud crack with her huge steely fist and dense heavy pectoral muscle. "I'm not soft."

"You'll always be my smart, strong, beautiful baby girl," her father said. "I bet this Sheldon guy thinks you're pretty. Sounds like he has good taste. Maybe you'll bring him by some time, if you want."

Dena looked insecure and uncertain, and his heart broke for his daughter. "I don't know," she said. "I've been wondering... I just think maybe he's grateful."


"Yeah... I saved him from some bullies and then gave him a climbing lesson. Maybe he just wanted to thank me."

"That's not how boys work, dummy!" Gina piped up from the doorway. She jumped onto Dena's bed and bounced on her back, kicking her long coltish legs up in the air and giggling, delighted to know more about something than her older sister.

"Ok, know-it-all, how do boys work?"

"He wasn't grateful. He's totally into you! He was terrified you'd say no!"

Dena looked over her shoulder and glared at her sister. Her eyes narrowed suspiciously. "How do you know?" she finally asked.

"Luanne told me!" Luanne was Bobbi Jo's younger sister, in the same grade but almost a year older.

Dena got up and gathered up her dress. "Time for me to go," she told her father and sister.

"Have fun!" Gina said, giggling.

"But not too much fun," her father added.


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A little teaser for a story I'm working on based on the character Kira by ayanamifan:

There, in the cabin, prey. Kira padded silently to the door and opened it slowly, carefully. The man stood at a kitchen counter, short and thin, puny, weak, helpless, unaware of her powerful, dangerous, predatory presence behind him. She crept forward, slowly, slowly, a little farther...

A board creaked under Kira's weight and Tim caught her reflection in the glass pane. "No!" Tim shouted, scooping up a spatula and racing towards Kira. "No! No! No!" He beat her about the shoulders with the spatula. Kira squealed and fled towards the bathroom as Tim gave chase, the hunter now the hunted. Tim glared at Kira's mud-streaked, leaf-covered, sweaty, naked form and pointed sternly at the bath. "You are NOT coming to dinner naked and dirty!" he growled.

Kira pouted and climbed in the tub. Tim turned on the hot water tap. The scalding heat was a warm caress on Kira's indestructible skin. "How about just naked?" she asked suggestively.

"No!" Tim said again. "You will put on pants!"

"Yes, sir!" Kira sniggered. "So formal! Can I at least wear shorts?"

Tim relented. "Okay, shorts are fine." He turned back to the kitchen but stopped, suspicious. He looked back at Kira's innocent, wide-eyed expression. "And a shirt!" he added. Kira lost her self-control and giggled madly. "Good grief," Tim muttered, heading back to the kitchen to put the finishing touches on dinner.


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